Friday, 9 December 2016

Vicky's Road Map Changing Bag

This beauty here was my latest collaboration with a lovely customer, Vicky. She contacted me with a bag in mind and knew exactly what she wanted. As an added bonus, she has also provided me with her own material. I cannot even begin to let you know how gorgeous this print is in person. It is rich, vibrant and full of sensory images. I was thrilled to be given the chance to work with this lovely oilcloth. It is such a welcome change from the floral prints that I am constantly working with. Using one of my designs, Vicky then added some details to personalised her bag to make it one of a kind. Keep scrolling down to see the features of her changing bag.

Vicky's changing bag :

- A zipped top under the flap for added security
- Two front pockets that will be secured by the flap when closed. 
- Side bottle pockets to make grabbing and storing bottle handy when on the go.
- Handy back slip pocket with a magnetic clasp closure. Perfect for storing and reaching out for little things when on the go, without having to got through the main bag compartment.
- Four large pockets inside the bag.

- A D ring attachment for attaching little things eg. baby's dummy, car keys, etc.

- This vibrant red lining material is waterproof.

- Detachable shoulder strap.
- Flap is secured with two twist turn locks.
 - A changing mat that could double up as a playmate, thanks to this beautiful print.

- A pair of detachable buggy straps that can be used instead of the long shoulder strap.

- Buggy straps can be used on buggies with two separate or continuous push handles. This versatility is made possible by the poppers on the straps.

- Metal feet to protect the bottom of the bag from general wear and tear. 

A couple of days after I posted the bag, she sent me this message :

That has just made my week! And on that note, have a lovely weekend ahead everyone!

Fely xxx

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* This is not a sponsored post