Friday, 25 November 2016

How to make a faux leather tassel

These little tassels are my latest craze! I have decided that I will be making a lot of these to give away to friends and family at Christmas (and beyond). I have already made a few to tsjuz up my handmade bags, as you can see in the pictures below.

I have also turned some into fun, colourful keyrings. The beauty of these tassels is that they're extremely quick and simple to make. So if you're stuck for a last minute gift or want something that is one of a kind, these tassels are just the thing for you. They are also wonderful as stocking fillers this Christmas!

I have put together a short 5 minute tutorial on how to make a faux leather tassel and hope this will help and inspire. My 9 year old absolutely loves making them, and that, to me, is the evidence of how simple these are to make. Simply follow the link below and it should direct you to my YouTube channel. I hope you find it useful!

Have a fabulous weekend ahead!

Fely xxx

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