Tuesday, 4 October 2016

And another PERFECT little bag!

I have wanted to try this pattern out for absolute ages. This little beauty is the Dollie Mini Crossbody bag, by www.swoonpatterns.com. A wonderful and compact little bag that measures approximately 6 inches wide x 6 inches tall x 2.75 inches deep. This is my kind of bag that would fit the holy trinity of handbag content : wallet, keys and a phone. It will leave very little room for everything else, which is good for me, who always manages to sneak a bar of chocolates in my bag. You see, this little Dollie doesn't tolerate making room for unnecessary rubbish like that! It just fits the essentials.

What I really LOVE about this pattern is the ease of the given instructions. They are clear, precise and not jargon-ey. At merely 10 pages long, the instructions are short enough to keep me focused and not distracted by the Cadbury's Milk Bar hidden in my drawer. Have I also mentioned that the pattern itself is free? How fabulous is that!

Every detail of this bag was very clearly thought of. Because I am self taught, adding little things like the accents to the main panel, and the snap tab, were an absolute eye opener for me. Who would have thought these little features could make such an impact on a design! Ingenious. You learn something new everyday. 

I wanted to make the bag stand out even more by using a contrasting coloured thread. Although my stitches were riddled with imperfections, they don't seem to jump out, most probably because of the striking faux leather combinations I chose for the outer materials - inspired by the bar of Crunchie I was eating while choosing my materials - nothing like the combination of honeycomb and chocolate.  

Delicious as the outer materials are, the lining is even scrummier. I just cannot get enough of this rainbow star print that instantaneously makes you happy the minute you laid eyes on it. It is simply a burst of happiness on fabric. 

Overall, I was really glad to be able to try this wonderful pattern out. It is absolutely gorgeous and just a little bundle of perfection, for any time and any occasion. And on that note, guess who has a new bag for the school runs ;-)  

Fely xxx

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