Wednesday, 7 September 2016

How I dealt with my post sewing envy disorder

It had to be done. Having made my mother in law her bag, I can't help but feel a little bit envious of it. So I made myself one too. I didn't need one, I simply wanted one ; it's a woman's prerogative. So here it is. A Little Minnie made with this gorgeous Cath Kidston Cowboy oilcloth.  It is really lovely. And shiny. And new. And most importantly,  it's mine. 

This print is just simply divine, isn't it? It is child-like, without being childish. I toyed with the idea of pairing it with red faux leather but decided for the muted dark brown instead, to match my autumn and winter coats. As one does.

I liked the idea of the connectors with the grab handles on my mother in law's bag so I reproduced it on this bag. Again, I handmade both the connectors and the handles and rivet them together. The front of the bag features this handsome cowboy with a red shirt. 

The back of the bag features also a handsome cowboy, with a yellow shirt, looking absolutely dashing on his galloping stallion.

This is the bag, inside out. I always forget to take a proper picture of the lining to show what it looks on the inside of my bag. So here it is. I like the look of the lining with the edge binding to give it that more professional finish.  The lining is made with a neutral-coloured cotton,  for that simple and 'clean' look.

The detachable shoulder strap is a ready made strap by Prym. Given how often the strap is off my bag, I didn't think it was worth making a strap for the sake of it, hence the use of a ready made one.

Now this is quite exciting for me. Since bag tassels have taken the bag world by storm, I thought I should invest my time in learning how to make one (I ended up making 4 in the end). They are so easy to make and so effective without so much effort. A lovely little bag-bling. 

My tassels weren't actually perfect when zoomed in closely but it didn't really matter as these uneven fringe doesn't stand up like a sore thumb on the finished product. Additionally, it it looks really cute clipped on the side D ring.

The addition of the zip tab has also been duplicated on this bag because it really does make it easier to reach for the zipper heads. 

I have carefully chosen some graphics on the print to use on the sides of the bag. One side features a cowboy in a sitting position.

And the other side features an abandoned wagon. It was a shame that the graphic was too big for this piece but I think there was enough colours for it to make a statement.

The addition of these bag feet was not merely for aesthetic purposes. Personally, I am an extremely careless person ; forever putting my  bags on surfaces that can ruin the bottom of my bags. So these are essential to function as protective measure for this bag. 

I took my bag out for its maiden voyage last night and was immensely proud to have this lovely little thing on my arm. Fabulous bag all in all and I for one, am really glad that my post sewing envy disorder has been handled and dealt with.

On that note, hope everyone has a lovely day ahead!

Fely xxx

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