Saturday, 2 July 2016

The week that was

I wanted to sew like a woman possessed this week. I had so much I needed to get done and so many new patterns to try. Naturally, with all that build up of excitement, paired with a list of things to do as long as my arm, my body just seized to function. Literally. 

I suffer from hay fever and naturally, I went and married a farmer. And live on a farm. Surrounded by fields, covered in pollens. And people say I don't know how to live on the edge, ppfft! I sneezed to the point where I felt like my nose was going to fall off my face. And my eyes, oh! like I was recreating Niagara Falls. It was all beyond ridiculous really. Obviously, there weren't much sewing I could do and it was rather frustrating. 

I did manage a couple of bags, thankfully and fingers crossed, the pollen count will be more tolerable next week, just so I could get on with everything else that was planned. In the meantime, these are my only show and tell projects for this week. 



Have a fabulous weekend ahead and I think it's safe to get the Pimms out now. The sun has got its hat on. 

PS/ Yes, I do take allergy relief tablets and have local honey. They don't work. 

Fely xxx

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